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In today’s digital world, online negative reviews can do severe damage to your establishment’s reputation, leading to revenue losses. Housekeeping personnel who have received training have a higher level of job satisfaction, which increases productivity and decreases staff turnover, maintaining excellence in service. By recognizing the importance of  being a charming host, you are meeting your guest’s expectations but you are also setting the tone for quality service.

Give your team the tools to understand the importance of their role. This integrated and mindful approach can greatly impact your business.

Educate your staff because everything counts. A holistic approach is essential for a immaculately prepared, efficient team which can step in where needed.

Modern travelers are meticulous about every little detail regarding where to spend their limited time. In this demanding era, you need to create the right atmosphere and secure environment, to be adaptive and one step ahead of any situation. Our team can assist in making the difficult appear easy. 

Personnel Training

For all decisions, as a business, we choose sustainability and simplicity. Our insight method, to blend in and practice with your team, allow us to closely monitor and find the best custom-made solutions for your business. At the same time, we are implementing an overall eco-conscious approach in order to save time and resources.   

At the heart of hospitality, you will find a full-throated welcome and an exquisite experience that keeps on revealing itself.

Hotels/Yachts/Private properties

Health and Safety in Housekeeping
Essentials of Health & Safety to minimise hazards in working environments.
Infection control awareness
What, nowadays, cleaning operatives can do to help prevent the spread of infection / cross contamination whilst protecting themselves.
Professional housekeeping techniques
Housekeeping day-to-day cleaning rules that go beyond cleanliness into final touches and presentation.
Role awareness and stress - free performance
Learning to identify and reduce stress in working environments.
Hospitality etiquette and courtesy
Manners and guiding principles of respect and social / professional interaction.
Housekeeper in Guest Care
Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, content & taken care of.
Expecting the guest
It's all about being present when the guest arrives! Pre-arrival essentials and ideas for an impeccable welcome experience.
Fine dining
How it looks, how it tastes, how it presented to people all play a key role in creating the art of dining.
Personal presentation skills
To ensure that a professional and presentable physical appearance fosters a welcoming environment.
Housekeeping eco-friendly approach
Housekeeping is at the frontline of any hospitality business and its role in creating sustainable ecological practices is very critical.


Custom made welcome preparations
When we welcome guests, we are offering more than a place for them to sleep. Excellent preparations feed the senses as much as taken care of the place itself.Let us make the arrangements according to the guests profile.
Packing - Unpacking
A very useful skill, in order to provide this luxury service, upon guest's arrival or departure.
Decluttering - The art of living
Clutter brings chaos, simplicity brings clarity. Let us find with you the tidying method that suits you. Create a calm, relaxing and joyful space.
Wardrobe management
Let's organise your wardrobe and experience the magic of tiding.
Kirby machine biological deep cleaning
Professional cleaning of mattresses from mites, dead cells, dust, biological washing of sofas, carpets and car seats.

No Rules
You can mix and match the provided training sessions regardless of the categorization, choose just one or all of them, according to your business needs.